Câmara Municipal de Vila Nova de Famalicão , Social Action


Social Action


Rede Social de V. N. de Famalicão

It is a method of congregation and articulation and of efforts between public and private entities for the eradication or alleviation of poverty and the promotion of social development.

Volunteer Services

Volunteering is a set of actions of social and community interest carried out in a disinterested way, in the context of projects, programs and other forms of intervention, of service of individuals, families and community, developed non-profit, by public or private entities. It is at the service of the community to improve the quality of life and the well-being of the populations and corresponds to a free decision, based on motivations and personal options.

PROFIT - Social Inclusion Program

PROGRIDE - Program for Inclusion and Development, of the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity. The Vila Nova de Famalicão Project for Territorial Integration is a project resulting from the application to this program.

Equalidade - Training and Employment Program

Equal is a community initiative program funded by the European Social Fund to promote changes and innovations in employment and training systems in order to collaborate in the major European objective of more and better jobs by supporting projects that promote innovation and adapting the practices to the needs and expectations of target audiences and reinforcing the qualification of individuals and organizations.

Social Housing


Support for Disadvantaged Social Strata

While the right to adequate housing fully integrates the vast body of constitutionally consecrated rights, strata of the population remain that due to socio-economic or relative educational reasons, can hardly access a housing with minimum conditions of salubrity.

Municipal Housing Park

"Change of House, Change of Life" is the Municipal Program, launched by the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão in 2002, it is a strategic program of social housing policy, through which the Municipality seeks to respond to a multiplicity of needs and requirements, especially since Housing is a complex system, made up of many different components.

Urban Recovery and Rehabilitation

In view of a policy of continuous, visible and programmed improvement of the public housing complexes under the direct responsibility of the municipality, Vila Nova de Famalicão Municipal Council launched a set of investments on the land that already totals 2.221.210,516 €, not only for the restoration of the building, but also for the promotion of urban improvement and urban upgrading of housing complexes, revitalizing their exterior spaces, providing them with greater harmony, greater security and new leisure areas and for its residents.

Happy Senior Card

In a concerted attitude with the need to develop Social Policies that essentially meet the most vulnerable age groups, Vila Nova de Famalicão Municipal Council instituted the Happy Senior Card. The purpose of this measure is to enable people aged 65 and over to have interesting discounts on products and services from around 200 companies or institutions in the various sectors of activity, such as food and health.